Saturday Ride

On Saturday, September 28, a number of PSTA riders got together for a ride. It started in a light mist of rain and continued with heavy clouds most of the day but it was still a good ride. Steve Carson, Don MacDonald, Dave Waldo and Larry Patten rode to Mt. Pleasant where they met up with Mark Hawkins. It was a short ride over to Oakland Mills on the Skunk River. Randy Fry met us there with his new GS. Very sharp. Lunch was at Butch’s River Rock Cafe. It’s an eclectic destination with great food and little pretense. Steve and Don sampled the pie. Dave stopped to ponder whether we could get the rooster to ride in a top box. ON the way back, Steve decided he might have been better to skip that last slice of pie. All in all, it’s always a good ride.

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