PSTA Buy / Sell / Trade

PSTA Buy / Sell / Trade

We’ve had several inquiries about a place on our Pure Stodge web site to buy, sell or trade items. We’ve looked into what it would take to create a page for this purpose. After a little investigation we’ve come to the conclusion there are better methods or other sites with this function already in place. Also, the maintenance and administration of such a function would take considerable time given the volume we would expect. There are a number of options available to sell you items.

The BMW MOA site ( ) has a full marketplace for selling motorcycles, parts and gear. You must be an MOA member and sign on to create a listing. You can also list items on the MOA Facebook page ( ), the PSTA Facebook page for members ( ) and the PSTA Facebook public page ( ). Facebook Marketplace ( )is also open to listings from Facebook members. Last but not least, we always have a table set up at the annual Pure Stodge Iowa Rally.

Thanks for all the suggestions and recommendations on the Pure Stodge web site. We’re always open to new ideas.

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