April 27, 2024 PSTA Meeting – First Aid Training

April 27, 2024 PSTA Meeting – First Aid Training

Preston Pots

1st Aid Presentation at the 4/27/24 PSTA Meeting.  Preston Pots is a hospital infection preventionist.  He has been a paramedic for 15 years.  Preston is also an instructor at Indian hills Community College.

Preston covered the use of a tourniquet to treat major blood loss due to injuries.  He also covered the trade-off of using a tourniquet against the risks of serious injury due to blood loss.  Preston covered the changes to the current practice that allows the use of a tourniquet for up to 5 hours.  He also covered the type of tourniquet that he carries and demonstrated it's use.

Preston also covered the types of splints that can be used and the accompanying bandages.  He demonstrated the use of a flexible splint commonly used for first aid.

He covered several topics related to Accident Scene Management.  Starting with a discussion concerning helmets, stating that he leaves the helmet on unless absolutely necessary to take it off for medical reasons.  Preston also said when calling in an accident be sure to stay on the phone until emergency services has all the information they need.

During the discussion the concept of I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) contacts it was brought up.  It was suggested that you add a contact (I.C.E.) on your phone as the person to conatct if you are unable to respond and a contact person is needed.

Recommended Supplies:

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