PSTA Routes

Welcome to the PSTA page for sharing ride routes and GPS files. Below you will see a sample of a route for the upcoming Iowa Rally. The route is built in Ride with GPS, a popular app for bicyclists, but also available and useful to motorcyclists.

On this page, you can get an overview of the route, see different points on the route, distances, times, etc. You can zoom in and out as well as change the map type. If you click the title of the route, you will be directed to a Ride WIth GPS page where you can download a variety of file types, including .gpx, .fit, .tcx, .kml and .csv files for the cue sheet. If you are a Ride with GPS user, you can send this route to your phone and get turn-by-turn instructions for novices.

Route Sharing Experiment

Sample files for trial. When you click on the GPX highlighted file it will download to your computer.

  • Name: Pigs Tail
  • Location: MOA Rally to Arkansas
  • Route by: Mark Hawkins
  • Date: 4/19/22
  • GPX File: Pigs Tail
  • Ride Highlights: Eureka Springs AR

PSTA Gay's Mill Ride

Click the map image below to download the GPX file

You can easily reorganize the routes in various sizes and configurations. You can also get pictures of the maps to use as thumbnails or embed in different ways. Click the photo of the map and it will download the gpx file or click this link

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