PSTA Wood Splitting Party

Today, March 15, members of the PSTA got together at Steve and Jeanette Carson’s woodland paradise to split up some wood. This will be used for campfires at the 2020 Pure Stodge BMW Rally in September. The wood was donated through the generosity of Country Arborist and Jason Herring. Jason brought several loads of uncut tree trunks and zipped them into usable fire size lengths using a chainsaw with a blade longer than most of us are tall. We had a great turnout for some hard but fun work. Members attending were Steve Carson, Jeanette Carson, Chris Cromwell, Randy Fry, Mark Hawkins, Jason Herring, Mark Mumaw, Gary Pasold, Larry Patten, Dan Riley and Dave Waldo. To top it off, Jeannette fixed a fantastic lunch for everyone. Everything was delicious. We had beef and noodles, coleslaw, peach cobbler and her world famous cinnamon rolls. I’m not exaggerating when I say Jeanette’s cinnamon rolls are amazing. We finished off the splitting and stacking after lunch. As you can see in the pictures below we should have campfire wood for rallies to come.

Thanks everyone for all the hard work.

Photo and video credits to Steve Carson, Jason Herring and Dave Waldo.

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