Message from Jon DelVecchio

This is a new training opportunity provided to members by the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America. PSTA presents this information for you but does not endorse the program.

Please share this new BMW MOA Benefit with your Local Club Members: Online Cornering Course Gets Boost in Motorcycling World BMW MOA now offers members full access to online training program  March 22, 2020 – The Street Skills LLC motorcycling school announced a new partnership with the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America that enables its members 100% free access to its Cornering Confidence online course.“My digital course is a game changer for experienced motorcyclist training,” said Jon DelVecchio, instructor and curriculum writer at Street Skills.Since its launch in September, over one hundred motorcyclists have enrolled in the course. These riders have increased their skills in an unconventional, but effective way. The online Cornering Confidence course format provides many benefits to students. Here are the most significant:Exclusivity. Jon’s proprietary course curriculum teaches a simplified cornering method, or formula, that targets a problem area that motorcyclists are motivated to solve. One of the most self-recognizable skill deficiencies is cornering ability.Location. The online course stands out from traditional live face-to-face training because students do not have to travel to a physical location to receive advanced instruction which can be hundreds of miles away. Scheduling. Regardless of location, many live courses have limited offerings, which may not work with student calendars of availability. Students access Jon’s course on their computer or digital device when they have discretionary time. Techniques are practiced and self-evaluated through students’ regular riding activities or purposeful practice on their own motorcycles.Affordability.  Jon’s online course is inexpensive relative to other training options. Live advanced courses range in price from $150-$3,000. The online course is priced well below that. Introductory tuition for the basic online course is only $50.“In today’s world of smart phones and digital connectivity,” said Jon, “it makes more sense now than ever to learn how to ride a motorcycle online.”The BMW Motorcycle Owners of America is one of the largest and most respected motorcycling clubs in the world. They have reached that status by creating rich membership experiences. Included in their mission is a major focus on education and training, funded by the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Foundation. Because of the foresight and strength of club leadership, 25,000 motorcyclists now have free access to the only advanced cornering training on the Internet. “The riders of the MOA pursue high levels of enjoyment and safety when they ride,” said Jon, “so our partnership was a match made in heaven.”Several interactive Cornering Confidence online course packages are available to any motorcyclist interested in developing their skills. Visit for more information.

-Jon DelVecchio ( [email protected] )

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