Pure Stodge Garage: Maintenance Clinic

Pure Stodge Garage: Maintenance Clinic

The first Pure Stodge Garage Maintenance Clinic was held Sunday, January 5, with great success. Thirteen PSTA members attended to watch, learn and ask questions. PSTA member Brent Pladsen joined us to walk through the basic steps to change engine oil and final drive oil. Whether riders and bike owners want to do their own maintenance or leave it to the professionals at the local dealership, the more you know about your bike the better. It may just mean the difference between being stuck in the middle of no where with a breakdown or having the knowledge to make a quick fix to get you going again. Members shared tips and tricks that made the time productive and fun. An oil change is one of the most basic maintenance procedures. The club has plans to hold a second clinic in early spring to address changing brake and clutch fluids. We missed the boat on pictures for this event. Everyone was so involved in the process and discussion we forgot all about them.

Do you have maintenance you’d like to perform on your bike? Not sure what to do or how to go about it? Want to share something you plan to do on your bike to help others learn? Drop us a line or email ([email protected]) and let us know.

A special thanks to Brent for joining us and sharing his knowledge and expertise!


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